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About Susano

Susano Apparel is a Malaysian-made brand. Founded by 2 young men with big dreams of going international. Currently fully operating at Bandar Baru Bangi and selling throughout the nation including neighbouring countries!

Susano Holdings Sdn Bhd started from selling kid baseball clothing from 2016. We imported those jerseys from outside of Malaysia to ensure the best quality our customers will get. Our 2 founders co-founded the company together from scratch!

After a while, we shifted to adult market to allign with our company vision. Our vision is to be the number one streetwear brand in Malaysia. Then, we started to grew bigger. From a home-office business, we rented an office at Bangi Sentral to be our HQ. We grow our customers base. Engaged in customers relationship to ensure all of them satisfied with our products. Now. We have a lot of available designs for customer to choose! 

Now our team is quite big. We are planning to have our own physical stores and line of merchandises for customers. Plus, we also have our community group in Facebook which we communicate with them about our next design and what can we improve from customers Point Of View. You are totally welcome to join!

As we love and fans of Hypebeast culture and item but we not afford to buy those expensive and manilpute price of the item.Those we tend to buy a fake product because we cant afford it.Its violate our integrity as a brand supporters.Then we created Susano Clothing line to created a hype wear that eveybody can afford and we can afford.
We cant buy style.But we can create style.
We concern about the quality as if we are the customer ourself.We pick high quality material for our product

To be mesh culture to Japan and Europe streetwear.We brought Hype-Sportwears to the scene.

its not just about slapping design on thirts.Its about connecting with people identity, about self-image and amplifying emotional response at its best.

The European-Japanese identity and culture to be mesh with our Malaysian mix cultured in fashion,technology and development

 No 9, Hub Perindustrian Suntrack, Seksyen 12, 43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Best Regards,
Yusuf Idris
Co-Founder Susano

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